The Rockport Granite Company Incorporates… (Part 1 of 30)


[Left to Right: George Rogers, C.Harry Rogers, Louis Rogers, Arthur Rogers. Courtesy SBHS]

On fourth day of August, 1864, in Boston, Massachusetts, the Rockport Granite Company of Massachusetts is incorporated for the purpose of “carrying on the business of quarrying, and preparing for the market and selling stone.” It is not until 1914 that two amendments are voted onto the original article of Incorporation and the Corporation’s name is shortened to ‘The Rockport Granite Company.’
The chart below lists the original investors, shares and amount of each individual investment.

This was an unprecedented  capitalization in the Cape Ann Granite Industry and it represents the appearance of shrewd determined businessmen who saw golden dollars to be made from the selling of paving stones.


Name                                No. of Shares               $Amount

John L. Thaxter                       623                         $62,300

John H. Stimson                      623                         $62,300

Salem T. Lamb                        623                         $62,300

William F. Dow (Trustee)       60                           $6,000

Benj. P. Battles                          50                           $5,000

Re T. P. Fiske                             20                            $2,000

John Lathrop                              1                               $100


PART 2 arrives April 18, 2017, in which we learn what the RGCof MA was doing during the time prior to its incorporation.


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