Salt and Pepper Redux

To spice up today’s article in the Boston Globe on the attempt to match old Rockport granite , here are 2 images from the Rockport Granite Company.


the first is the typical architectural photograph in situ…



immediately following completion, the Rockport Granite Company added the contract to their portfolio of ad slicks



The Reach of Cape Ann Granite -II- Newark, NJ

Erected in 1912, the  National State Bank of Newark NJ, featured a base of grey granite and monolith Sea Green Granite Columns.

These perspectives images of building and monument examples resulting from Rockport Granite Company contracts, were acquired by the SBHS in summer 2013. The cataloging, description and identification (where necessary) of each photo has been undertaken by Leslie D. Bartlett as part of his on-going research into the era of quarrying granite on Cape Ann. Often the photos do indicate the type of granite and historical location. It is of interest to note as well that duplicate copies have been found for many of the buildings. I believe that this allowed the Rockport Granite Company to assemble a marketing kit of examples to present to potential clients.


The Reach of Cape Ann Granite – Seaboard National Bank, N.Y., N.Y.

Over time, as the era of pure granite building was superseded by steel beam construction, the sea green granite from Blood Ledge remained a showcase for architectural accomplishment and prowess. This is the first post of a successive series  which catalogs the reach of Cape Ann Granite. The entire base is of Cape Ann Gray and it is highlighted by 9 polished columns of Sea Green Granite.