BEWARE you descendants of the Granit Quarries workers of Cape Ann

The Fidelity Secret Service Bureau of New York is about to release proposed solutions to the labor complications your ancestors created.

Findings to be presented online to Cape Ann Quarry Employers Sunday, November 24, 2013.

If you cannot read English, find someone who can.



We provide “big men,” thoroughly familiar with this class of work. We are the Union Busters





Get Your Head Around This Letter Head




The formal letterhead of the Rockport Granite Company reveals the broadcast and reach of their quarrying business. (This letterhead is circa 1900, taken from the number of quarries they have already bought up on Cape Ann.)
Corporate headquarters were in Boston, with their Main Office in Rockport; they are listing offices in New York and Chicago as well. The letterhead effectively lists the types of granites which they provide, and then there is the caveat regarding quotations – “all agreements are contingent upon strikes, accidents, and other diverse causes beyond our control.”
From where we live now, it is easy to forget the primal element -GRANITE – that these men – both employers and employees, were wrestling with.

And “prompt acceptance,” at the turn of the century was still largely a handwritten process.