A Granite Stone Cutter’s Labor Song



I have a little granite hammer which I carry in my kit,

a little three-pound dandy and I’ve used it quite a bit.

All the way from Maine to ’Frisco and from Georgia to the Pole,

My little granite hammer is a comfort to my soul.

I have laughed at sandstone fellows with a clumsy wooden mall

and a hammer like a coffin, but they get there after all;

and the marble Cutter joins me with his automatic tool

but will all get on together if we share the Golden rule.

It’s a grand old trade we follow if a feller does his part;

though his tools may slightly differ there is no difference in his heart,

and wonder why the Dickens we should carry different cards,

when we might be altogether as we should be, loyal pards.

You can do a bit of my work, I can do a bit of yours,

There should be no wall between us making enemies and boors,

let us join our separate forces; nail our colors to the wall;

and hail each other brother, with one union over all,

We have Duncan! We have Blasey! We have Griggs and Walter price.

We have brains enough to guide us and we ought to cut some ice,

we can cut down our expenses and our troubles quite a few, 

if we only get together in a brotherly G.U.

 – Jo. Evans