Tub Chippers at Granite Pier

This painting is by Margaret Howard Yeaton Hoyt (mother to Wm. Hoyt, one time curator  & benefactor  at SBHS).

The scene depicts two paving stone cutters working granite and “chipping” rough edges into their wooden chip tub. Typically at lunch time we would find one of their children, who after delivering the lunch pail, would spend time emptying out the chips from the tub.

Fading into the background, we have a cascade of paving cutter sheds lining the top edge of old Granite Pier in Rockport, Ma. [For many years this painting hung in the basement of the SBHS, in what was originally the ‘Granite Museum.’ Overtime the frame, backing and painting acquired mold, when I realized  who the painter was, the painting was moved out for possible restoration.]


Image courtesy of SBHS