Rockport Granite Company Collection – Part 2 of 30 July 1864 – Make Ready for Incorporation


Invoice for blank writing books, purchased on July 15, 1864 by Lamb & Theater [SBHS]

The invoice shown above, shows the Rockport Granite Company of Massachusetts (RGCofM )at its point of Incorporation. The fourth listed item – “4′ “” 13 x 18 – are the very blank books which form a key part of the Rockport Granite Company Collection housed at the Harvard Baker Library. <em>These handwritten and typed volumes are a complete set of the official Board of Directors Monthly Meetings and Annual Shareholders Meetings; they date from August 1864 until the declaration of bankruptcy in 1931.

Partial page off RGcoM Inventory list. [SBHS]


By July 7, 1864 the investors in what was to become the RGCofM had assembled an impressive inventory of goods, materials and manpower to undertake quarrying on Cape Ann to a scale not previously reckoned.

As we move forward into looking at the collection records more carefully, we will be struck by power of pencil power to account and track ‘the quarrying of stone to bear to market.

Part 3 will examine the backgrounds of the original investors in the RGCoM.

Leslie Bartlett  April 19, 2017


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