Flat Ledge Quarry 2020

The Story of a Mystery Object


My recent Facebook post of this image 
has attracted questions and curiosity as to “ What is it? ”
With all the time in the world, I can take the time
to build out the full story.

Here is a Google Map View of Flat Ledge Quarry Map’
I’ve keyed the view to a number of topics related to my 20 years of photographing Flat Ledge Quarry.
For now, the yellow * gives us the location.

fullkeyAnd the *(in yellow) gives us the approximate location.

An iron underlining for the railroad track timbers which took granite from the backside of Flat Ledge, out to Granite Pier.



This photo from the early 1900s ( Page 162 in ‘Rockport Through the Years,’ gives another view of the back wall area. The large derrick to left rear – and collapsed paving stone cutter shed would be just to the left of our object.


I’ll post tomorrow (April 19, 2020) as to how the iron underpinning has come to look the way it does.



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