A Mystery Built with Cape Ann Granite

This image has me stumped. Found in a large collection of architectural photographs showing Rockport-Cape Ann Granite in buildings across the United States, I cannot identify where or what this building is. Anyone know of it?

Thanks, Les




3 thoughts on “A Mystery Built with Cape Ann Granite

  1. Les, I’ve seen that building or, another picture of it. Can’t place it off hand but, will see if I can find and ID it and let you know if you do.

    I have a question for you. Fort Sumter, was designed as part of a defensive system for Charleston Harbor in So. Carolina. Plans were drawn in 1827, and construction began two years later. Located on a man-made island of sea shells and granite from northern quarries, it was a pentagonal structure, fifty feet high, with walls eight to twelve feet thick. Was Cape Ann granite used in building it?

    Bill Hubbard

  2. You’ve probably already figured this out as I have just stumbled across this post in April 2017 but I found an image that matches it is Philadelphia City Hall.

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