On the topic of Granite: (with Barbara Erkkila in mind)

“Above, the Spirit, and below, the Rock”  – Goethe –





Revised Release Date for BREAK: Stone, Water, Heart

BREAK: Stone, Water, Heart REVISED release date. – March 15, 2014.

I spent November 2013 in research at the Harvard Baker Library, pouring over the Rockport Granite Collection. The materials hosted there are detailed and extensive, portraying the daily life of the Rockport Granite Company as a business, as it grew and changed business directions at the turn of the 20th century. The struggles of labor and unions are carefully documented and preserved – from 1886 to 1924. Additionally there is a volume of reports and statistics which offer a peek into the daily life, at all levels, of quarrying on Cape Ann.
I have needed to take extra time to allow myself to reflect on what I have found and to incorporate it appropriately. I thank everyone  for interest and eagerness to see the boo and hold it in hand.
There is a lot at stake.

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Presence defined by Absence

For Weights of Blood

Granite farms.
For swaying breaths
Granite bridges.

For a watering eye
Granite walls
Granite headstones
For what is lost

For what adheres
To the lip’s stir
As to the granite
A hand’s shadow.

Granite oblations
Propped on the summit
For faceless prescence
By soft-hand absence.

– Ted Hughes –

Awed to Heaven

Awed to Heaven

Gently Lay Your Stone Hammer Down…


Gently lay your stone hammer down
And walk the gorse and hickories,
Over scratched moraines.

Tuck down on Babson’s Sunset Rock,
Westward the sun settles
Returning shadows.

Feel the light of new horizons.
Hither and there, pounded words,
A Scatter of blunted chisels.

Up from the quarry floor
A new tool boy climb ups
His ladder to the blacksmith shop.

Gently lay your stone hammer down.