As Time Slips By Below the Keystone Bridge

“One time last summer I go over Rockport Granite Company quarry. walk down on dock, see stone-cutter’s sheds,
all go to pieces, walk under bridge, along where tracks was, all gone down, pull up…” -Gor Svenson 1935

The two images below illustrate the relative quick return of vegetation below the Keystone Bridge, once the Rockport Granite Company ceased operation. The first image is circa 1930: It looks out toward Granite Pier, with the full complement of RR tracks.

The second image here below is taken but five years after the Rockport Granite Company dissolves.
The steel tracks are gone, railroad ties still embedded. Now 82 years later, there are only tiny traces of what once was
part of the daily quarry life in Rockport…


Love is An Arch

“Among ancient and modern architects
There is a principle, or proverb…
The arch never sleeps.

From this we might derive
If the arch holds, all else holds.

Love stands and hangs as an arch.
The rainbow is an arch.

Hate and pride break arches.
Love and understanding build
Unbreakable arches.
Carl Sandburg before Congress on the Centennial of the end of the U.S. Civil War