America Trembles



Rockport Granite Company of Massachusetts, Corporate Seal (SBHS)

In Washington D.C.

the citizens of Washington is fueled by fear and rumors of a  Confederate Gray army rising like granite blocks up over the horizon. Total destruction of the Union seems at hand…

And Congress votes to spend $1 million dollars to restore the Ford Theatre.

In Georgia

The Rosewell Deportation takes place . The Rosewell Mills provided the Cotton Gray uniform staple for the Confederate Army.
Union troops capture the Rosewell Mill and drive 400 mill workers, all women and children North. Charged with treason they disappear from the face of history and their story remains untold until 1998.

In Rockport on Cape Ann, Massachusetts

The Rockport Granite Company of Massachusetts  readies to incorporate.
With the Civil War drawing to an end. the RGC is poised to deliver millions of paving stones up and down the Eastern Seaboard, playing a vital role in the Reconstruction Era.

The finest sailing vessels and most skilled captains enter employment.


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