Doctor, Doctor, Quick Run Quick, the Quarry Horns a-Blastn…

Some one is more than just a little sick.

July 17, 1874

Miss Lucy F. Corliss, daughter of Benjamin F. Corliss, a graduate of Vassar, universally beloved by the community, was instantly killed near the premises of the Pigeon Hill Granite Corporation. In company with a party of friends she was riding around the Cape, when a fragment of stone, weighing some four pounds, thrown from a blast in the adjacent quarries, came crashing through the top of the vehicle, striking her on her head and inflicting a fatal blow.

The Historyof Gloucester the Town and City,

James Pringle, 1892 pp.242-243


(Note to Peter Parsons, the names of the Drs. and dates can be found by reading the microfilm versions of the papers from 180s-1890s. It was a grim spectacle, kept away from the casual passerby.)

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