The Coney Island Jetties – Nov. 1 1922

from the Granite Cutters Journal May 1922:
“The Rockport Granite Company, which is the only company on the Cape doing any granite cutting at present has a large contract for large grout, they have some jetties to build at Coney Island, N.Y., and as the question of wages are settled for a year for the quarrymen, they having accepted a 13 percent reduction in wages, business in that line is as brisk as the weather and other conditions will permit. The company has a number of large barges which carry coal to different New England ports, take a return cargo of granite to New York where two of the company’s lighters unload them of the 1000 tons cargo and also help build the jetties.”

-Thomas Harris-

Coney Island Jetty

Coney Island Jetty

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