Moving Beyond the Noise and Nostalgia of Looking at Old Photos

Just now, after a decade of looking at, and reflecting over, quarry photo after quarry photo, I have stumbled across a 13 image sequence which stand as a unique view of life in a Cape Ann Quarry, circa 1870s. These 13 photos are among the  greatest photos of Cape Ann Quarries I have ever witnessed.

There is a noisy excitement in viewing old images, an easy nostalgia with which we think to connect. I believe there is a challenge to immediacy, of involving all our senses, which might, with diligence permit us to stand as in the moment of when a photographer stood amidst the quarry workers and their rock.

Here is something seemingly simple:

What is unusual about this image?


2 thoughts on “Moving Beyond the Noise and Nostalgia of Looking at Old Photos

  1. The full 13 images are being integrated into my book, they are central and will not be posted in full. This is a detail from one of them. Sorry if it seemed as if I’d be making all public.
    Thanks for your question; now what is unusual in the detail image?

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