Cape Ann Quarries -Labor, Utility & Art



Newly uncovered print materials from the Rockport Granite Company portray the marketing and advertising of this island based Granite Company as it expanded its holdings across Cape Ann; these  documents demonstrate how art was used to sell granite and to secure building contracts.

I will also be speaking on ‘The Cape Ann Granite Project,’ my effort to revitalize  awareness of this vast resource right under our feet.

The Mixing Crew Could Never Mix Things Up

It is December 1915 on Broad Street Looking South, in Elizabeth New Jersey, and the Mixing Crew is taking the briefest of breaks to pause and look at the camera. To the rear, in the center, stands one of the Paving Crew, and behind him a complete course of pavers ready to be picked up by the Chucker and handed to the Paver. Quite often, the Mixing Crew was a local hire, not necessarily from the Rockport Granite Company.


Greatness Resides in the Granites of Cape Ann

The Sea Green Granite of Bay View was a highly prized addition to monuments and memorials, especially as the Rockport Granite Company entered the 20th Century.

A Song to Nature: 

Location:  Entrance to Schenley Park, Pittsburgh, PA, on the grounds of the Frick Fine Arts Building, University of Pittsburgh

Dedication:  1918

Sculptor:  Victor David Brenner

Architect:  H. Van Buren Magonigle

Materials:  bronze and granite

Height:  figures 15 ft, basin 15 ft

Base is Sea Green Granite from Rockport Granite Company

The fountain base for asongofnature